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Quantum healing

A Quantum Healing Journey

Before we head into the healing part of this blog, first up let's chat about what does the actual word Quantum mean? You may have heard it in the terms of a quantum moment, quantum change, or a shift or leaping. Quantum itself in my own understanding means an energetic change in our cells, our genes and aura, a change in the frequency you are emitting out to the Universe and in return it is streaming back to you. An alignment of the mind, body and soul.

If you don't know it yet, your body is in a constant state of a particular and personal frequency. Have you ever had someone walk into a room and you instantly knew they were in a foul mood, or their energy was really low? That is the energy I mean. Have you ever attracted the same kind of friend/partner for so many years because you are sending that energy out to the Universe and it is sending you back anything to match it. You have the power to change this energy, it is almost like tuning into your favourite radio station. If you don't match the correct frequency it will be distorted and unclear. This concept is the same for our energy, use it wisely.

Now not to get too deep into the science behind quantum physics, but we all came from the same source. The particles that make up your cells, your skin, organs, and DNA, we all have that within us, every one of us. Every person you meet is a part of you. How incredible is that! Even the world's animals and plants are a part of us. We must respect all life.

After my own personal quantum shift everything changed for me. I had been given a new set of eyes to see the world. The grass looks greener, the sky more blue, my compassion for others deepened, my love for life blossomed, my energy changed. Mother Earth came to me in nature, and the experience was beyond beautiful and indescribable. More of this story is shared in my podcast which you can find on my Instagram page @iampippaleslie

Recently after this shift I started to meditate more and channel my higher self, spirit guides, angels and loved ones. As the weeks went by, the messages I was being sent were profound. I wrote down everything and started to realise I was channeling. I even designed an online course, which would take you through your own quantum healing journey. I called it the Answer. Within this course I broke it down into 5 steps, within a spiritual hierarchy to make sure you are exploring every part of your spiritual journey. Let’s look at each one briefly below.

First step:

Awareness - how aware are you of your own natural surroundings? Do you wake up every morning with a grateful heart? Do you know you are a spiritual being having a human experience? As I mentioned previously after my quantum shift I started to see the world so differently. My awareness changed. We are all made up of energy and when we started to increase our own that is when we started to differentiate the lower energies that may affect ours. A big part of awareness for me is the acceptance of who we are, we chose this lifetime, we chose our bodies, our family, our friends, our challenges. All in an order to grow. Who are you? Explore the depths of who you are. Meditate, take a walk in nature and write whatever comes to you within a journal.

Alignment - When we are feeling low we tend to feel misaligned with our purpose and our goals. It is so important to be doing a self love practice daily to keep yourself connected to the Universe and align your soul. Raising our vibration by doing the things we love, spending time with those who light us up, travelling, watching movies, walks in nature, giving back to others, whatever lights your soul on fire, do that. Are you taking time to ground yourself back to where you came from? Do you spend time with Mother Earth, your feet off on the grass, planting some flowers, hugging some trees? Do this and you will feel more aligned than ever. Physically are you exercising, eating well? Remember you are having a human experience and this vessel we are living in (our body) needs to be taken care of. Make the commitment to yourself. You are so important and worth it.

Awakening - Do you see the world as a hostile place or a friendly place? Are you being a host to God or a hostage to your ego? The awakening stage is a constant flow of mini quantum leaps for me. When you stay connected to the Universe your ego has no time to creep in. The more you stay connected, the more your ego is dismissed and dampened. Next, explore your values in life. What can you live by daily? Examples of my own virtues are from the teachings of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. These are gentleness, kindness, reverence for all life and service to others. We rise by lifting others, we receive by giving. Giving to not expect anything in return, your ego will expect things in return. Do and give because your soul yearns for it. A famous quote by Hafiz defines this so beautifully, ‘The sun never says to the Earth you owe me,what a love like that can do, it can light up the whole world’. Be open to everything and attached to nothing.

Ascension - Now you are fully aware, aligned and awake, your ascension will depend on your ability to let go of outcome, to stop focusing on why something isn't happening, or when I will receive this or that. It is fully trusting the Universe, and knowing it has your back. Always try to remember, it is never a no from the Universe. The only three answers it gives is, not yet, I have something better planned, or a complete yes. This is where you then move from ambition to meaning, living your dharma, connecting to spirit and channeling. Get closer to God/Universe, by meditating and doing your spiritual practice daily. When you dampen your ego, you start to see everyone through the eyes of love, through the eyes of God. A huge part of the ascension stage is forgiveness, forgiving those who hurt you, and most importantly forgiving yourself. This can be done on a full moon each month. I have a free workbook available on my website. Lastly, seek out a mentor, a healer to explore your wounds, trauma and work on your inner child.

Abundance - The word that seems to only mean money and riches to some, but abundance is so much more. We are abundant in health, love, family, oxygen, sunshine, nature. You have been abundant from the moment you were born. Your heart beats every day, your lungs breath for you without even thinking. Everything you needed in the first 9 months of your life in your Mother’s tummy was made for you, it isn't any different now. The only thing that is, is your ability to see it and allow it. The same force that is growing your fingernails, spinning the earth, setting the sun, opening the flowers is within you. You are a divine creation of the Universe/God. We are all one, in this circle of life. We live in a world of oneness, when you find your purpose never let anything sway you from being the divine being that you are.

Your quantum healing journey will be challenging, and rewarding. It will be personal to you and your set of beliefs and values. We cannot compare our shifts and ourselves to others. We are all connected but we all have our own purpose and dharma in this lifetime. In the grand scheme of things, life is a tiny spec in the entire Universe. If you ever doubt yourself, step outside, take a look at the stars and know above you there are billions of other galaxies with life, it is infinite as you are too. Seek out those who smile and grow with you, those who are happy for your happiness and want to see you thrive more than themselves.

I wish you a beautiful quantum healing journey and I would love to hear some of your stories so please reach out to me.

Limitless love and light.

Pippa x

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