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From a young age Pippa has always been outgoing, loving, caring and helpful to all. She is always looking for ways to be of service. As her spirituality grew over the last decade she has been on a deep healing journey which in turn helps her to meet clients on the same deeper level. As the quote goes ‘we can only meet people as deeply as we have met ourselves’. She works with women on their spiritual path to discover their inner lighthouse and true divine self. Through quantum healing hypnosis, her clients are able to explore past lives and  subconsciously heal. .Through Pippa’s teachings they release the patterns of the toxic ego, to remember their true nature, and to connect to their higher self. As a result, they move into  alignment and an energy of peace and serenity , living everyday feeling divinely guided.

Pippa knows her spiritual journey began from the moment she was conceived in this world. She remembers vividly as a child seeing an orb in her room, and ever since she has been following the breadcrumbs in life that have guided her to where she is today in her work. After having a quantum shift in 2020, Mother Earth appeared to Pippa in nature to help her remember who she was, reminding her she was worthy and that her gifts and purpose mattered.

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Pippa Leslie Tao Te Ching open your heart New Zealand waikato

This life changing miracle moment led her to learning  The Tao Te Ching (The Great Way)  which she now teaches within her work to the beings she is here to support. This philosophy helps them to connect to the path of enlightenment.


Pippa always sees the good in others, she turns dark to light wherever she goes. Recently she emigrated from the UK over to New Zealand. Since she landed in this far away land, her gifts have been deepening and growing. She knows her work is important here and she is passionate about assisting others on their spiritual journey in this lifetime.  She will hold your hand  through it all as you take these vital steps to raising your consciousness and healing your souls. 


Pippa’s values derive from the great teachings of Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching as she mentioned earlier. They consist of kindness, gentleness, reverence for all life and service to others. She wakes daily and tries to live by these values as she connects to her spirit guides and God. Pippa holds a safe, warm and non judgemental space for you  to open your hearts, heal from within and walk away feeling lighter. She always leaves people better than she found them. She is excited to help you reading this and hopes to connect to you soon. She would be more than happy to connect with some of you personally, so please don't hesitate to reach out to her at any time.

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Tel: +64272468989

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