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Presented by Pippa Leslie, Brand Partner of the Mental Wellbeing Company

In my journey as a Certified Trauma Informed Coach / Healer, Mental Health Professional / Teacher, I've witnessed the profound, life-altering impact that comes from uncovering the hidden wounds of trauma and learning to regulate and understand the nervous system. I am so passionate about this work.

In these workshops we will cover:

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Explore The Workshops


The Mental Wellbeing Company offers trauma informed awareness and positive psychology  workshops designed to create safer, more supportive environments in schools, workplaces, and public sector organisations. 


Our CPD/CE accredited workshops provide educators, leaders, and employees with the knowledge and tools to understand and address the impact of trauma on mental health and wellbeing.


There has been...

A 25% increase in depression and anxiety worldwide since 2020.

Almost 1 Billion people worldwide facing mental health challenges.

That’s why integrating Trauma Informed Awareness with Positive Psychology is an absolute must as a next-generation solution for the growing mental health crisis in individuals, schools, workplaces and public sector organisations.

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