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When it all made sense

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

We spend hours of our day comparing ourselves and looking at other women/men, fantasizing that we looked like them, had their hair, their figure, their life. We spend hours and hours thinking about the house we haven’t got, the car we haven’t got, the dream guy/girl we haven’t got, the money we don’t have, the holiday we long for. When in reality it is all for the taking, the only barrier stopping you is YOU.

Each and every one of you deserve happiness and love. Look at yourself, you are full of magic, warmth and are all uniquely amazing. If we all gave ourselves the love we freely gave to others we would happily be in harmony with the flow of life. In today's society we find being happy very difficult, when in a matter of fact our happiness lies within. We are always in pursuit of happiness as opposed to finding happiness in ourselves. If we don’t like our wrinkles we get injections, if we don’t like our lips we get them enlarged, if we don’t like a bad situation we comfort eat, if we don’t like our bodies we deprive ourselves from food. If we feel depressed we drink and take drugs to give ourselves happiness for that split second. The world seems to not want us to be happy. The universe does.

Our happiness determines who we are, it determines how fulfilled our lives are. Each and every one of you has a different perception to your own individual life. Each of us look for different ways to be happy. All we have to do is follow what we love, follow what lights us up, follow our hearts and our guts.

Thank yourself for getting this far, thank yourself for being and doing your best, thank yourself for being an amazing mum, dad, friend, sister, brother, husband and wife. Give yourself a pat on the back, you are here, you are alive, you are breathing, your heart is beating.

If we make a decision because we think it will make another happy, is that really going to be satisfying for us?

We get one life, we chose to come on this earth at this exact moment, we chose to make new friends, we chose to go to university, we chose to fall in love, we chose to start a business, we chose to buy a house, we choose every single day.

We buy ourselves clothes, cars, makeup, shoes, handbags, jewelry, food, hoping this will fill a hole in our hearts and maybe it does for a while. But think about it, if we could not buy anything to make us happy extrinsically, if we only had ourselves, would that be enough?

Think about it, some of the happiest people in the world don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. Happiness is not defined by any circumstance, condition or person. You need not tie your happiness to anything. The choice to be happy is always yours to make.

My love and light.

Phillippa x

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