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Is Your Soul Bursting With Callings?

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The Conscious Convo Podcast

The Conscious Convo podcast is a must listen for the spiritually awakened, soul searching, open minded person, ready to raise their consciousness here and now. Our hope is that by listening to this podcast it will help you have a mind open to everything and attached to nothing.


Hosted by Pippa Leslie who is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner and Reiki Master. Covering all things from conscious awareness, Christ-like consciousness, enlightenment, teachings from the far east, our past gurus and guides.

Is your intuition whispering messages?

Are you ready to heal and step onto the path to enlightenment?

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I love taking time out of my day and disconnecting from everything else to listen to Pip’s podcasts. I come away feeling relaxed and in a much better place. She is a beautiful soul inside and out.

Alongside Pippa’s inspiration social media feed, this podcast has made me want to invest a lot of time in 2021 into researching quantum shifts, meditation, manifestation, yoga and other spiritual topics. I listen to the podcast everyday in the evening and I can already see the changes in my behaviour from just taking Pippa’s wise words on board. An ABSOLUTE must-listen!

Love listening to this podcast when I need motivating or need to control my emotions. Pippa is helping me stay on track to self love and becoming a better person love tuning in !!!! Definite must listen too.

I love listening to Pippa’s podcasts, she has a beautiful soul and I’m learning so much about how to tap into inner work. I adore her meditations and I found the so powerful. She’ll literately heal you simply by listening.

I’m so loving these podcasts, so much beneficial information. Pippa talks from the heart and has a beautiful healing energy that totally radiates and touches on a very deep level. So very inspirational, her guidance is pure and full of love. Her guests are so interesting and I look forward to each podcast...highlight of the week. Helps keep me on track. Tracy

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