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Intuitive guidance

In recent years Pippa has been aligning with her connection to God and using her channeling gifts to help guide others on their journey. She has an ability to connect to her guides and yours to deliver messages whilst healing.

Pippa Leslie Reiki teacher healing session intuitive guidance Auckland

I had a distant heeling session with Pippa and it was honestly the most positive, uplifting and relaxing experience. I was actually left speechless and Pippa did a reading which she picked up on so much. I love the session so much and what pippa does, that I have been working on some Trigger work with Pippa. I’m on my second week and I’ve already learnt so much and understanding so much about my triggers that lead to anxiety. I’m excited to see where the 6 weeks take me. Thank you.


After staying at my Level 2 Reiki for nearly 20 years I was fortunate enough to have Pippa attune me to my Master and Teacher level Reiki last year before she embarked on her journey to Australia and ultimately New Zealand. It was a very special and beautiful occasion which was performed with love and true professionalism.... Pippa is a very spiritual person and that was evident during the attunement as we were joined by my guardian angel and two of my animal spirits, all of whom remained with us for the duration. Thank you Pippa for taking me on that journey and helping me in raising my vibration. I can't recommend Pippa highly enough. 

I am here to remind you that you too have the channeling gift. All we have to do is connect to it daily and trust ourselves. Intuition lies within each of us, it is a skill that we awaken when we are ready.


I encourage you to align and get quiet with your soul. 

Pippa will always channel messages and guidance for her clients whilst she is performing her healing work. She is just the facilitator for your healing. It is you who is healing. If you are seeking a message? Guidance? Encouragement? Please book in a healing with Pippa today and she will deliver exactly what you need in this present moment. In turn you can move forward, onto your next step and feel lighter.


A little helper or guardian Angel to help guide you onto your next chapters with faith and ease.

A one off hour session is - $99.

 Package deals available.

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