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The Answer Course

I’ve just finished Pippa and Chris’s “The Answer” course and I can not talk about it highly enough! 

The quality of all of the videos, worksheets, meditations and other resources included vast exceed what I expected to have access to when I brought this course. The price is so so reasonable! 

I feel like my personal development from starting the first “A” to finishing the overview at the end of the course has skyrocketed! 

•I feel so much more in touch with the universe world around me. 

•I feel more calmness and compassion within me. 

•I have more clarity of my purpose. 

•And I now have the tools to help me deal with any triggers I am faced with (which I now know are just there for my growth). 

Thank you so much Pip and Chris!!! 


I recently started Pip & Chris’s course having “fallen off the wagon” (so to speak) after many years of connection and was rapidly losing my way.  I watched the first videos of both Pip and Chris and became so aware that I had not be aware but that was changing.  I am quite a yang “yin” person so whilst I am spiritually aware I am also very grounded and connected with Chris in his scientific way - fascinating.  

Thank you Pip and Chris for helping me to get back on track - now for my meditation.


The Answer
Master Course

The 5 A’s to Abundance & Enlightenment

Hosted by:

Pippa Leslie & Dr. Chris Mortensen

What is The Answer?

Are you searching for a higher purpose in life? Perhaps you feeling lost and looking for support to turn your feelings of despair into hope. This uniquely designed course is here to help you, within this journey you will be guided through a step by step process into a spiritual inspired hierarchy of needs. 

Learn how to step away from your fears and to start transforming them into your desires. 

Both Pippa & Chris have both mastered the 5 A’s, they are highly driven manifestors and mentors. Their experiences and skills combine to provide you with the all the building blocks you need to build the life you deserve.

About the 5 A’s…

Each A will be discussed further after you have enrolled. Here is an insight into what each A may include.

  • Learning to accept that we are here as spiritual beings having a human experience. Exploring the meaning of life and how to become more conscious of this spiritual experience here on the earth plane.

  • Master ways to become more aligned with your mission, your soul purpose and your dharma in this lifetime. How to integrate spiritual practices to raise your vibration and in turn start to manifest the things you actually desire.

  • Transforming the way you see the world in order to attract your quantum change and shift. Fully surrendering to the outcome and having a mind open to everything and attached to nothing.

  • Trusting your inner guidance and higher self to lead you to your life’s purpose. Fully living and breathing the four spiritual virtues of life. Raising your consciousness and energy through your mastered practices.

  • Co-creating your destiny through your dharma, gifts and the Universe. Unlocking the answer to fully embracing the present moment and believing in your own divinity.

Pippa Leslie spiritual path mother earth

What’s Included:

△ Seven modules including video lectures, written tasks and workbooks.

△ In depth teaching around each of the 5 A’s.

△ Over 4 hours of recorded video content.

△ 28 day habit transformation.

△ Meditations in each module.

△ Self reflection exercises.

△ Taught by two mastered mentors.

△ Tools & techniques to overcome fears.

△ A list of tried and tested resources.

△ Email support (Mon-Fri)

Meet your Mentors

Dr Chris J Mortensen

Chris has nearly 20 years educational experience in higher education. He was a university professor for many years and has educated tens of thousands from around the world in his online courses. One of his courses has reached over 100,000 people in 164 different countries. Spiritually Chris is perfectly aligned with his soul’s mission to help heal the planet. He is excited to share his own spiritual journey and experience from ambition to meaning.

Pippa Leslie

Pippa has been healing & mentoring for over 6 years and has had the privilege of teaching people all over the world. Pippa has a business and management degree which she used to help set her own business up. She is also qualified in her QHHT, Reiki master, inner child healing, emotional freedom technique (EFT), Sekhem Reiki and Angel healing. Spiritually, Pippa has been through huge transformation and shifts. A master manifestor she helps others learn the way to manifest their dreams. Now studying her level 7 qualification to become a Somatic Trauma Informed Coach and Leader.


They both think it is important to embrace both feminine and masculine energies in every aspect of life. The reason they wanted to bring our energy combined is because they both had a shift together and separately so they wanted to share both their stories, tools, techniques and healing journey.

Chris and Pippa are in a soul mate conscious marriage and they understand this journey as they have been through their own shift, embraced their transformation and now they want to guide others with theirs.

They are both very passionate about helping and saving the planet. They will do their part in helping you shift, they believe once you heal yourself we can all then can heal the world.

This is for you if you are…

△ Looking for an answer to your life’s purpose.

△ Lost and have no sense of direction going forward on your path

△ Ready and committed to a spiritual transformation

△ Willing and open to seeing the world differently

△ In a sense of despair, tried different techniques and none have had an impact.

△ Stuck in a negative energy and limiting self destructive patterns.

△ Fully prepared for a miraculous shift (this will happen)

Benefits of taking this journey…

△ Live a more purposeful life

△ Have the tools and techniques to walk away with and apply to your daily life

△ Personal spiritual growth and transformation

△ Work towards experiencing your quantum shift

△ Start the path to enlightenment

△ Attract your soul mates or soul family.

△ Learn to minimize or even eliminate anxiety, stress, and self doubt from your life

△ Receive your own spiritual hierarchy of needs

△ Co-create your own reality

△ You will heal yourself and help heal the world

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