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Conscious Corner Retreat Day

Spend a day with Pippa, in her home and safe, healing space. She will guide you through a magical journey. Connecting to your guides, Angels, healing with Reiki and other modalities, journey with her to explore your past lives, releasing your trauma, some light magical sound healing and a safe space to be held.


I recently had Reiki healing from Pippa and I honestly loved it. I was about dubious at first with it being distant but I think it’s more powerful. I honestly had the best sleep in 4 years!! Not joke. I’m still feeling the effects and the card reading at the end was so beautiful and accurate. Highly recommend you book in a session. Pippa is such a beautiful soul.

I have worked with Pippa for 6 weeks on her ego sessions and I have had the biggest shift in my life and energy.

She is always there to chat, advise and just listen when needed and the support, knowledge and healing she has helped me with so far has been amazing.

I know my work is not finished and am going to be back working with pippa soon.


Sometimes we just need some time away to put our 3D selves down and allow our higher selves to guide the way. Sometimes we need a little guide or helper to assist in our path. Sometimes we just need a cry, a safe space to heal and to be held. 


A day spent with Pippa in her home, guiding you through a conscious journey.

Pippa's clients always describe her as calm, loving, welcoming and warm. She creates a safe space for you to explore deep parts of your self and to heal wounds, trauma and yourself. Pippa loves to help others and in many ways than one. This is why she has created a sacred day were you will spend 4 hours with her. She will take you through hypnosis, meditations, Reiki healing, trauma release, sound journeys, intuitive guidance, card readings, past lives and much more, to help you discover deep parts of who you are and what you came here to do. All we have to do is get out of our own way.

Sessions are 4 hours, refreshments will be provided. Retreat days usually start at 10am. Limited days per month. This is a 1-1 intimate day with Pippa.

Investment - $555

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