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Conscious Creation Private Mentorship

What would you invest for someone to come into your life to completely help transform and shift everything? AndI mean everything?


As a mentor, hypnosis practitioner and healer from a young age, I always wanted to look after others and make them feel special. I made them feel loved and cared for.


That is why my private mentorship is superrrrrr special and intimate. None of my offers are like it. 


For either 3 , 6 or 12 months you get my whole attention, love and care. If you're working with me in person I will be coming into your home to help shift the energy, to help your relationships and family. I will be clearing stagnant energy in the home, moving things around to shift and transform your life. I will be doing home visits each month to help with mundane tasks, so you can focus on your mental and spiritual health. Home visits if local will also include some de-cluttering, Feng Shui and Saging.

What would you invest today to completely transform your life? To release stress, anxiety, tension in your relationships and life? To feel supported daily, to have a safe sacred space to explore your trauma? To feel heard and understood? 


These spots are limited. Because of the time and energy I pour into them. They are special.


This private mentorship is like no other and is worth every cent and penny 


The private mentorship is for you if....


  •  you lack motivation in your daily life to get started or keep going 

  •  you feel lost and have anxiety about what to do next in life, feel pressured or burned out

  •  you are surrounded with negativity and can't shake the feelings 

  •  your relationships are toxic and you feel stressed about communication or what to do

  •  you feel a piece of you is missing and can't connect to your purpose 

  •  you feel drained or tired, even keep being sick, because your mind, body and soul are disconnected 

  •  you feel misaligned with so many things and disconnected from life 

  •  you can't shake the victim mentality or your Ego's hold over you

  •  you keep searching for answers outside of yourself 

  •  you take on too much of others energy and opinions 

  •  you're constantly people pleasing and feel out of balance 


These are just some of the things I've helped clients shake, heal or shift. 


Working with me for 3 - 6 - 12 months will help turn those to.....


  •  connection to self and what is a priority 

  •  feel aligned with purpose and passion 

  •  stagnant energy feels cleared and you have clearer direction 

  •  relationships feel calmer and happier 

  •  your connecting to life is deeper and more conscious 

  •  your anxiety levels have depleted and you feel deeper than ever before 

  •  you feel supported, stable and loved 

  •  you have forgiven yourself and others

  •  you feel a deep sense of passion for yourself and the world 

  •  feel a deeper love for self and others 

  •  feel a complete shift in your life 


I can help with much more than what is listed above. These are just some of the common themes I see with clients.


Private mentorship include:


Home visits if local with feng shui, clearing, healing and cleansing. We will also look at your daily routine and clear space for meditation, nature, connection, journaling and anything to relieve stress from your life that day. If I can help with light tasks such as washing, cleaning, to give you space to connect. I am there.

I'll be looking at your relationships to see how they are and what you can change and adapt to becoming more conscious. Where can they change through language and understanding? Through my unique techniques we can shift your relationships in an instance.


Hypnosis and past life regression, to connect to past lives and subconsciously heal. This can instantly be a shift in your body and spirituality, amazing modalities for healing Trauma.


Reiki, healing, mentoring, EFT, readings, meditation, breathwork and guidance. To help you connect, relax, go within, find answers and receive healing. 


You'll have a fairy God Mother and Guardian Angel on Voxer for daily support. Want to vent, cry, chat, share, celebrate wins. I will be available on Voxer for this. More intimate support. 


If you're ready for this next step on your spiritual journey, please reach out to claim your spot with me. Also book in a 15 free minute call to tailor this mentorship to you and your needs. 

30 days of support throughout November.png
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I recently had Reiki healing from Pippa and I honestly loved it. I was about dubious at first with it being distant but I think it’s more powerful. I honestly had the best sleep in 4 years!! Not joke. I’m still feeling the effects and the card reading at the end was so beautiful and accurate. Highly recommend you book in a session. Pippa is such a beautiful soul.

I have worked with Pippa for 6 weeks on her ego sessions and I have had the biggest shift in my life and energy.

She is always there to chat, advise and just listen when needed and the support, knowledge and healing she has helped me with so far has been amazing.

I know my work is not finished and am going to be back working with pippa soon.

Sometimes we just need someone to help us on our journey, to put our 3D selves down and allow our higher selves to guide the way with someone holding our hand. Sometimes we need a little guide or helper to assist in our path. Sometimes we just need a cry, a safe space to heal and to be held. 


A journey spent with Pippa, guiding you through a conscious journey.

Pippa's clients always describe her as calm, loving, welcoming and warm. She creates a safe space for you to explore deep parts of your self and to heal wounds, trauma and yourself. Pippa loves to help others and in many ways than one. She will take you through hypnosis, clearings, meditations, Reiki healing, trauma release, sound journeys, intuitive guidance, card readings, past lives and much more, to help you discover deep parts of who you are and what you came here to do. All we have to do is get out of our own way.


Hourly rate - $111

6 weeks - $666

3 months - $1,333 - payment plans available

6 months - $2,666 - payment plans available

Please contact me directly for other payment options.

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