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Full Moon Ritual


Monthly Circle

Pippa holds these circles each month, a very powerful and magical time, to come together to share our stories, breakthroughs, struggles and our amazing energies. 

Pippa designs your very own personalised workbook to use and take away with you. We sit together in a collective circle, sharing our energy as one, and work through the rituals. The evening consists of gratitude, meditations, affirmations, inner work and the most important part we let go of any unwanted feelings, burdens, situations…...whatever you feel you need to release in the evening, we let go together and burn our lists (the exciting bit).

The Full Moon Ritual will include:

  1. A workbook

  2. A meditation and opening ceremony.

  3. A circle bond.

  4. Safe space to share and support.

  5. Burning ceremony.

  6. Reflection.

  7. Connection.

I encourage you to explore deep parts of your soul 


I am an Earth Guardian Angel here to help you breathe, connect and heal.

$60 inc workbook & refreshment. 

These are ran once a month in line with the Full Moon.

(Please bring a cushion, journal, pen and anything else you would like)

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