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What will be, will be

We spend most of our lives stressing and worrying about the what ifs and the future. The future isn’t here yet, we can only live in the present, today. Time has been made to be a race or a strain, we rush around, panicking, making sure we aren’t late, stumping our toes on the kitchen table, all because we are racing against the clock. If we humans didn’t exist on this earth, animals and nature would have no concept of time, they would simply be. Be in the present moment, day and night. Every day the sun will rise, and will continue to rise as long as you are here on this earth. Each fresh dawn is a chance for you to start over and to stop worrying about what isn’t here yet. Things can change in a blink of an eye, a trip gets cancelled, your best friend moves away, you get a promotion at work, you have a spiritual awakening, you lose a loved one. If we look and watched life from a bird’s eye view, wouldn’t we see our lives completely different. The bad times made us stronger, and the good times made us smile and be grateful. What is more precious than memories?

Time is an illusion, we use time to dictate our whole day, our whole lives. We sleep at night and we rise in the morning, what if we let our bodies decide what it needs that day. We are so driven by what should be done and what is wrong and right. Our bodies are our temples, we should listen to what they want for a change. Our mind and our body can work simultaneously if we listened to our bodies and gut feelings first. Our mind lets us think, then over think, then over think again until we send ourselves into panic mode. Breathe, let today be your guide, let this present moment be your sanctuary. We are all trying to fit into this place we call earth and home. The short time we have here on earth why don’t we use it how we want it, how we choose. Truly believe that what ever is happening to you good or bad, it is for your growth and your higher self. The bad times don’t last, the good times are there to keep us thriving for more. When it rains look for rainbows and when its dark look for stars. You are amazing, unique and special. Your time on this earth is a gift. Use it and cherish it.

Love and light

Phillippa Leslie x

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