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Presence with Pippa

This membership is for everyone. Every soul on this Earth, having their human experience. To guide you through presence. The presence that gives us so much clarity and peace. The presence that sets our soul free.

This membership will take you on a soul expansion and discovery journey. We will be exploring your past lives, triggers and trauma together. We will be taking deep journeys to meet your guides/angels and your future self. When we connect to presence before judging, reacting, assuming, speaking or criticizing, we allow the divine presence to enter. We let our souls speak instead of our Ego's.

How many times do we find ourselves in arguments, drama, heated discussions, negative situations and we wish we would have approached it with more ease and flow? We wish we could have slowed down and said what we actually meant to say. We then start to feel regret and guilt, which is turn lowers our vibration. This membership will help bring clarity and peace into your life.

Presence is the flow ofGod.

Presence with Pippa membership will include each month:

  1. A past life regression session.

  2. A future self & connecting to guides session.

  3. Meditations to help you connect.

  4. Breath work & connection.

  5. A Facebook group for support & safe place to share growth & expansion.

I encourage you to explore deep parts of your soul and desires 


I am a guardian here to help you to pause, breathe and respond.

Monthly investment - $99 per month.

(minimum of 3 months, after that you can cancel any time)

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