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The Way of the Womb

In May 2023 I suffered a miscarriage. This was my first pregnancy and loss. I remember thinking why me? What did I do wrong? Am I not meant to have a baby? These dark thoughts could have led me down a hole of guilt and shame but I knew this was a much bigger journey than that. It led me to a deeper spiritual meaning about life and how these traumatic experiences can shape our lives for the better. The first thing I wanted to do is reach out for help. Knowing now I can provide that for others is comforting and warming. I carry a loving and compassionate energy, I know after a miscarriage you need this love and warm energy. Wanting to support women through this heart ache is a deep calling right now for me, even so recent after my miscarriage. And this is also why I decided to use my pain, grief and growth to show others and for them to understand they are never alone. All the support is out there if you seek it.

I have put together an 4 week private mentoring package to emotionally support you through this miscarriage journey and guide you back home. Within this 8 weeks we will go through four steps together. Just like we would have in our pregnancy with our four trimesters. These four steps make up life:






I have delicately designed this package to honour you and your babies. These four stages will deepen your connection and align you back to life. You will have emotional and spiritual support throughout your journey with me.

Miscarriage is a taboo and touchy subject for so many. No matter if you lost your baby and 8 weeks, 16 weeks or 9 months this is a loss and it will never leave you. The what if's, the why, the how, the never ending mystery. Guiding you home after miscarriage will support you in this grieving process, the highs and the lows, the sadness and the joy. Finding the goodness and the light in the heart ache. Having someone by your side who has been through it is so beneficial. I know the emotions can be challenging so please allow me to assist you, take my hand and walk with me to the light.

In 2021 I attended my Rite of the Womb ceremony where I was initiated. A sacred cycle of the Feminine to heal your wounds and reclaim your inner magick. The reason I felt called to this ceremony is because I had, had some gynecological problems and my desire was to heal my womb space. After this ceremony I continued to focus on my womb and healing reciting the phrase "The womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the womb is to create and give birth to life". A few weeks after this I went for my check ups and my womb space was completely healed, I had also healed my eye sight. I feel so much passion in helping other women heal their feminine womb space.

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The Way of the Womb package will include:

  1. A past life regression session.

  2. A spirit baby meditation and connection.

  3. A call each week to check in.

  4. What's App support.

  5. Womb healing & tools for spiritual healing.

  6. Ceremony to honour your baby.

  7. Cleansing & reset.

I encourage you to explore deep parts of your soul 


I am an Earth Guardian Angel here to help you breathe, connect and heal.

For clients who are in NZ, some of the above can be done in person or online. Outside of NZ this is all online support.

4 weeks total cost - $333

(Can be paid weekly, monthly or in full)

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